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Success Stories

Here at Brazilian Soccer Club we take pride in what we create on and off the field. Here are some of the soccer success stories that Brazilian Soccer Club created for these great BSC Alumni.


Tamara Iwashita

Tamara Iwashita is a BSC Alumni who just traveled to Brazil to have a great experience training with Cruzeiro Esporte Club. This team is a big club in Brazil and she was able to play with the professional team and showing her talent. Tamara is also going to school in Phuket Thailand at British International School, Phuket and plays soccer there as well.


Kalena Iwashita


Jefferey Horton

Jefferey Horton is a BSC Alumni that also stayed with us for a long time. He went to college in Manitoba, Canada at Providence College. In 2021, he recently had the chance to travel to Brazil and have an experience with Cruzeiro Esportes Club,  and Juventus da Mooca which are big name clubs in Brazil.


John Paul Rosel

John Paul Rosel is a BSC Alumni that played with us and played with us while we was here in Okinawa, Japan. After many years at BSC and countless practices, he was able to get  an opportunity in Phuket, Thailand at British International School, Phuket. Which he is still currently enrolled there.


Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley is a BSC Alumni that played with us while his stay at Okinawa, this is what Tyler had to say.

"I cannot thank you guys enough for everything you have done and taught me in life. The lessons I have learned from my time at the Club will never be forgotten. You guys taught me how to play the sport and respect it at the same time. And I'm so happy that the Club is still running and going strong. I know you guys are doing great things for great kids that want to better themselves in this beautiful game, just as I wanted when I first joined the Club.

I never thought I would be where I am today, but it is because of you guys and the club that I am here. The Brazilian Soccer Club will always be family to me, and I will always love the club for what it is and [for] what it does for the community. I hope to see you in the Summer. Where I can share my story in person."

-Tyler Oakley


Kyle Kamm

Kyle Kamm is a BSC Alumni and was able to play at Pfeiffer College in Misenheimer, North Carolina.

"Roberto Iwashita thank you for everything you did for Kyle Kamm while we were involved in your Soccer Club. Please share this on the club page so everyone can see the influence that you have on those young soccer players." -Kamm Family

There Are Many More Success Stories

These are just are just some of many success stories BSC parents or players tells us after they leave from Brazilian Soccer Club.

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